Wednesday, 2 January 2013


**UPDATE** This is a re-post of my Goal List from the beginning of the year! Updates/Additions are in red...and new goals added at the bottom!

EVERY year I make myself resolutions and EVERY year I forget them because a) there are so many of them and b) I never write them down.

THIS YEAR, all that will change (hopefully). I have decided I will not call them resolutions. They will be GOALS and I am splitting them up into  categories: Physical/Mental Goals, Financial Goals, Work Goals & Miscellaneous. Then, I will make a plan for how to accomplish these's one thing to say it, it's another to actually DO it

Physical/Mental Goals:
  • Run a 1/2 Marathon
    • Run is booked for April 21st, 2013 - DONEEEEEEEE and you can read about it HERE
  • Cross Train my Workout
    • Zumba, Running & Tabata - DOING!
  • Meditate/Yoga once a week to calm my mind & stretch my muscles
    • This will be my new Saturday morning routine- Have done once...damn Yoga is hard. My brain does NOT want to relax
  • Add more Fruits and Vegetables to my diet
    • Make more meal plans for each week and incorporate more veggies/fruits into snacks - eh...somewhat done. Trying to eat more veggies at each meal
  • Reach my Goal/Healthy Weight of 150lbs
    • I have re-joined WW...I have lost weight on this before (and kept it off) so I am going to try again-Re-opened. Have since gained the weight back and working through that
  • De CLUTTER the apartment
    • J and I are making plans every weekend to attack a certain part of the apartment to purge - We moved! So that fixed that!
Financial Goals:
  • Pay off any left over VISA/School Debt
    • Automatically comes out of each pay cheque. Leaving ONE VISA at home so it does not get used, and keeping one in my wallet for emergency only- work in progress
  • Save for a Trip in the summer (We're thinking of road tripping EAST)
    • Also comes out of each of our pay cheques and into a savings account - went away to Philly & Washington instead in the spring. Summer trip is unlikely, looking for a new apartment instead
    • Went to Montreal for our 1 year anniversary!
  • Save for at least 1/2 a house down payment 
    • Ditto above- Opened our RSP's so sort of starting to save for a house this way
    • Not quite, but getting there
  • Budget more carefully
    • Have a spreadsheet laid out for what comes out of each cheque and what money goes where We've had a few hiccups, but overall, we're getting there
Work Goals:
  • Reach 25,000 Fans on our page
  • Become more organized so less gets missed/forgotten 
    • Read Dad's book to learn more
  • Personal goal I know about but not going to put here 
  • Learn to play ONE new song on the Piano
    • Song: NEW SONG: To a Wild Rose - half of song learned!
  • Keep a Memory Jar
    • Has been made & started  - have fallen behind in putting memories in, but will re-start this
  • Get a Library Card and start going to the Library! - LOVE THE LIBRARY! New fave place on earth!
    **NEW GOALS for the rest of 2013**

    • FIND A NEW HOME - preferably with a backyard for our Mollycakes
    • Run another half marathon - why? Good question...mostly because I want to capture that feeling that I had last time after I finished...pure amazingness
    • Start selling my treats and baked goods at craft fairs/farmers markets etc. while also communicating my message of enjoying food & being healthy at the same time
    • Develop this this blog & my facebook page into more of a community/space for exercise hating people like me 
    • Run a Colour Run - because it looks like an awesome good time, I mean, look at that...SO COOL!
    • Continue to save for a vacation, but more likely to happen near the holidays
    • Get my handsome hubby out running with me and Molly
      • He has the highlighter yellow shoes, now we just need to hit the road!
    Here we gooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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    1. Go Lisa go!!!!! Love reading your blog -KV