Monday, 6 October 2014

Glad Fresh Food Challenge

Hi Friends!

I want to tell you, I've really missed blogging. Every time I make something I think "this would be AWESOME on the blog" but had to remind myself that I'm taking a break.

Well, we just finished moving on Saturday and I can barely contain my excitment - I have a BEAUTIFUL kitchen now that is screaming for me to bake, bake, bake and who am I to say no?. I'm very happy to say that I'm going to start writing again. It won't be all the time, and it may be spotty at time, but I'm coming back!

To kick off my posting again, I want to tell you about something I'm working on right now - the #GladFreshFoodChallenge! Here is a few "fun" facts:

  • The typical Canadian household s[pends $5,572 per year on grocery food items ($465 of that is on fruits and vegetables)
  • On average 13% (or $725 worth) of food all is thrown out! That's almost 2 months worth of groceries!
  • That means, on average you and I waste $175 per year of food!
Glad is looking to change that by spreading awareness of how to keep your food FRESH!

How do we do this? Proper storage and a little bit of organization.

Now, for storage, a trick that I've used since University is when buying meat in bulk (like multiple chicken breasts), store each piece (or serving) in Freezer Bags (or Glad Press & Seal works nicely). That way, you can take out ONLY as much as you need at a time. This is especially helpful when you're only cooking for two people (like I am). 

For organization - I find that when I put leftover in the fridge to "save" for later, I often push the previous leftovers to the back of the fridge to make room for the new. I find these (fuzzy) leftovers about month later and go "oh yea!"

My solution? Put newest leftovers behind the old and rotate them out that way! I also find writing on the plastic wrap/zipper bags helps to keep track of what needs to be used next!

You can also plan one night a week where you use up what is in the fridge! If you don't know what to make, go to Allrecipes, input your ingredients & it'll tell you what you can make! I promise you'll try things you never even thought of!

This month, I'm attempting to go do the #GaldFreshFoodChallenge and go a FULL MONTH without throwing away any food. None at all (except for the parts of vegtables you can't eat). I'll be posting recipes & tips along the way! I do hope you'll join me!

Stay tuned!


**Disclaimer: I am working with Glad on this initiative & was given materials to do this challenge but all thoughts & feelings are my own**