Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Self Love Posts

This weekend was kind of a hectic one, so I was very grateful that my Saturday night plans got cancelled and I was able to take some MUCH needed downtime. I'd spent the morning working out, grocery shopping, doing laundry & cleaning (oh, the life of an adult) so all I wanted to do was crash.

Naturally, I headed to the trusty Netflix to find something interesting. I headed straight for the documentary section as I haven't seen a good one in awhile. After flicking past "After Porn Ends" and "Super Size Me" I came across "Hungry for Change" and thought I'd give it a shot. Usually I find these kinds of documentaries quite preachy, but it sounded interesting.

I was pleasntly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. While they did talk a lot at the beginning on how processed white sugar is bad for you (the "Crack" of the food world), talked about how Obese we are becoming and how all the horrible chemicals that are in our food effect us, they took a different direction later on- the importance of self love in the whole weight loss process.

I can't tell you enough how TRUE this is. It is something I have been working on for the better part of a year now, and believe me, it is SO crucial. I've lost weight a bunch of time, loathing myself the entire time and guess what? I gained ALL the weight back. Why? Because I didn't believe I was worth it. If you don't believe you're worth it, you don't see the point in feeding your body the foods that you need & the nutrition it is screaming for.

Any way, there is SOOO much more to the documenary than just that, so I HIGHLY reccomend you watching it, but near the end, Dr. Cathrine Northrup talks about Self Love and how important it is. She reccomended to start, stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eyes and say the following:

"I accept myself unconditionally, right now"

Yes, it feels a bit silly, but I can tell you that it helps to say it, even if you don't believe it and if you're having a fat day or a blah day...just saying it helps.

This led me to something I want to try. I've started a Tumblr account called "Self Love Posts" where I'll try and post a Self Love quote every day and spread the self love! I need it, you need it...we ALL need it! It's a place you can come for some much needed love, any day!

Of course, my first one:
Thanks guys! Let me know if you have any quotes that YOU really like & that contribute to your self love. I'd love to hear them!

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