Friday, 20 June 2014

This Little Trick Will Change Your Morning Coffee

I love coffee. In fact, I love coffee a lot, probably more than I should. I need it to start my day, keep me going in the midday and if I could (and it wouldn't keep me awake at night) I would drink it after dinner.

A while back I discovered somewhere (I think I read it online, or maybe I remember it from a Sex and the City episode) to add cinnamon to your coffee. So I started doing it, thinking "yea, ok, what is this really going to do?"

FACT: It is awesome! It adds a certain (but very subtle) woodiness flavour to your coffee and it smells AH-MAZING. The change to your morning is two-fold: The aroma is calming and delicious and the taste is different, but not so much that it will throw the balance of your coffee off. This is the only way I make my coffee at home now, I highly recommend it!


1. Put your grounds in to your coffee maker as per normal
2. Sprinkle cinnamon on top of the grounds - this insures the cinnamon is blended into the flavour
3. Brew as normal - I like to set mine up to brew before I wake up, so the scent wafts up to my bedroom and I can smell is as I wake up :)
4. Add milk & sugar (or nothing at all) to your coffee as normal & enjoy!

Let me know if you try this out & what you think! I promise, it is worth it!

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