Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Whole30 Week 2 - Halfway There!

Another week down! It's funny, when I first started this program, I thought I'd be counting down the days until I was done. However, the farther I get into the program, the more I actually love it. Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been easy (especially when there is glorious food & beverage all around me) but at the same time, I have yet to feel deprived. Every day, I have new meals planned, something new to try. It really has been awesome.

Here are the updates from this week:
  • I feel awesome
  • My head is more clear
  • I just feel happier & lighter (emotionally)
  • Here is a big one: I haven't once been worried about the food I'm eating - meaning, I don't worry about what calories are in the food, how much I'm eating, I just eat until I feel satisfied and then I stop
    • To that end, I haven't once been too full, felt uncomfortable or bloated
    • I don't have food guilt because everything I'm eating is good for me and is nutritious and delicious 
  • Another big thing - having a snack is no longer an emotional occasion - I only snack when I'm hungry. I have a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit and then I feel satiated.  
  • Black Coffee is growing on me...still gross and I look at J with envy when he drinks his with milk & sugar, but I'm getting there
  • STILL not getting the "Jump out of bed before the alarm" thing...I still want to sleep as late as possible before I get up
Things I've learned this week:
  • Spaghetti Squash is amazing - SO easy to make & is a fab substitute for pasta.
  • Eating this way IS time consuming - between grocery shopping (being a 3 store affair), preparing & cleaning, I'm still spending the majority of my time in the kitchen
  • PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Mandolin's are dangourous (duh) - nearly cut my thumb off making Sweet Potato Nachos
  • It is entirely possible to go out and still enjoy food - 2 times this week I went out with friends and was able to eat "on plan"
    • Granted, it was still salad based, but if you, read the menu online ahead of time, ask the right questions, you can eat out no problem
As I mentioned in my last post, at the end of the 30 days, I'll post & share all my favourite recipes.

 This week I loved (missing pictures, this week!):
  • Sweet Potato Nachos 
    • These would be PERFECT for game day, late afternoon snack or a "Junk" Meal
    • Honestly, they were so good, I figured I had gone off plan somehow
  • Chipotle Chocolate Sweet Potato Chili 
    •  Made this on Saturday so that we'd have lunches for the week & it is GOOOOOOD!
    • J doesn't like beans in his chili so this was perfect
  • Lazy Eggs Benny
    • Instead of an Eglish Muffin, slice up a tomato, layer with bacon & place an over easy egg on top
    • Splash a little Franks Hot Sauce on it and you've got yourself a fabulous breakfast
Until next week my friends!

- Lisa

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