Monday, 13 May 2013

Running Woes

Now, I KNOW that since my half marathon I have definitely not been on the top of my running game. I also know that I didn't exactly "train" for this 10K. Initially I signed up for it just to make sure I kept running after my half and didn't have any plans of trying to make a specific time or anything like that.

Until I got to the race, that is.

FIRST of all, it was cold as arse. Honestly, I've run in -20 degree Celsius and this day felt colder. By the time we got into our coral to start, I was frozen to the bone. My legs didn't want to work and I couldn't feel my toes. When we finally DID start to run, I was a brick of ice until about 10 mins in. I think that made me want to run faster.

Second of all, there were SO MANY PEOPLE at this race. It was absolutely insane.

Image from Toronto Star

 The energy was really neat too. Many people were there just to race, but a lot of people were there for the cause. On the back of everyone's shirts we were to fill out a sticker that said "We Run _____________." For us, we ran for Gillie. It was SO awesome to run and read what everyone had put. Some were inspiring "We Run for hope and for those that cannot" others were just plain HONEST "We Run so we can eat Cupcakes" (HOLLA) and others downright funny "We Run to beat the Kenyans" (true story, I can't make that stuff up). The whole time I felt amped.

At about 5K, I figured we were going at a pretty good clip. We had to dodge a lot of people and manuever around walkers, but I thought we were going really fast. So fast in fact I was SURE we would make it in an hour, maybe just over. Near the end, Ange and I BOOKED it across the finish line. It was a fantastic race.

So, why was/am I so bummed that our time was actually 1hr 13mins? Maybe because everyone that I've talked to who went to the race (which was pretty much all of the GTA) beat their best time or very close. Maybe because I feel a little discouraged that my "fast" wasn't really that "fast"? Maybe because that makes me feel like I'm not as in good a shape as I thought? Maybe I need to take my running to the next level...

I guess that's the funny thing about running, even when you think you've learned it all, experienced it all and understood it, you still learn something. Touche running, touche.

At the end of it all, I finished it, and I really enjoyed it, so I'll focus on that! Plus, got to spend some time with my FAVE running buddies <3

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