Thursday, 17 April 2014

Things I Learned This Week: EASTER EDITION

First, you may have noticed that I haven't really posted in almost TWO weeks! I promise I have a good excuse...I just got back from a fab vacation in Florida! It was exactly what the doctor ordered: Sun, drinks, friends, laughs, pool, sun...and sun. I've never been so grateful for a sunburn in my LIFE. I also ticked something off my bucket list...I WORE A BIKINI...IN PUBLIC...AT A BEACH! More on that next week.  

So, that little blurb aside, let's talk about EASTER. Holy moly, it's almost Easter. I swear, it was January just yesterday! Well, weather-wise, it WAS like January here just yesterday, but no matter, SPRING WILL BE HERE SOON. I hope.

Here is the EASTER EDITION of Things I've Learned This Week!

1. First, instead of buying a kit to dye your eggs, why not dye them with KOOL-AID?!
Absolutely genius!
from Squidoo
2. Another great tip/trick that I've seen - use a whisk when dying eggs with your kids! I remember when we used to dye eggs as kids, I'd always get my fingers all multicoloured and my eggs smeary, so this is the perfect solution!
As seen on Pinterest

3. Did you know, you can totally make them Creme Eggs yourself!?
from Instructables
4. If you aren't feeling up to making them, you can buy them and then ADD them into something you're making, like these amazing Creme Egg Cupcakes! Why did I NEVER think of that?

From The Cupcake Activist
5. Finally (and this is something I'll be doing), have you ever wondered what to do when all you have left from Easter is gobs and gobs of chocolate? Why not turn it into this decadent (and super sweet) Easter Candy Bark!
From Like Mother Like Daughter
Hope you enjoyed this week's version of "Things I Learned" and wishing you a VERY Happy Easter from my family to yours! <3

P.S. I have a couple of Easter Treats of my own to share with you: MYO Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs and Mini Egg Shortbread! Both are Easter essentials!

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