Thursday, 11 April 2013


What a weekend.

Started off on Friday with Restorative Yoga. My poor body AND mind needed this SOO badly. With all the running I've been doing and with all the shiz going on in regular life, this was the perfect opportunity to check out for 90mins. During the class, while sitting in childs pose, the instructor read a very beautiful passage about miracles.While I can't remember the exact quote, the idea was, while we don't often feel like miracles happen around us, the mere fact that we somehow manage to stand still while the earth spins on it's axis at a gajillion miles an hour while hurling itself through space...that's a miracle. The fact that the sun rises and sets every day...that's a miracle. Our existence on this planet is pretty spectacular. 

I know, I know. You're all "Like totally dude. Far out, man" I sound like a bit of a Yogi, Granola Type, but when she read that passage, it really resonated with me. Our whole presence here on Earth is actually a pretty amazing thing. The human body is an incredible thing.

Exhibit A:

6am, Sunday Morning. A dense fog rolls in.The clouds hang heavy with the promise of rain. (Dramatic, right??)

AT and I head out at 7am to conquer 20km. 10K out, 10K back. Tired, sore and undermotivated, we dragged ourselves UP the first 10km ("It'll be a flat run, don't worry" AT says. HA!). At the 10K mark (in the middle of nowhere I might add) I lean on a sign to stretch my aching knee while AT strips a layer off. We look at each other and have an unspoken agreement: "Let's kick the next 10K's butt"

Que RAIN! Pouring, wet, cold...rain.

No matter, we plug along, my knee yelling "Waddya mean you aren't done yet?" At about 15K in, out of no where swoops this amazing bird of prey (Falcon?) as if to say "You can do this, just keep going" so we marvel in that moment and we come up a hill to see a paddock of adorable baby horses frolicking and jumping on each other. We giggle about that and quite honestly, before we know it...we're less than 2KM from home!

Miracle? Maybe not traditionally, but as we were looking around us, my knee stopped hurting, and my body took over and pushed me forward. I was firing on all cylinders and not even thinking about it. My heart was pumping, my lungs expanding and contracting, my muscles carrying me. It was a feeling I will never, EVER forget.

Take a moment now and sit back and just feel your body working away. It does that every day on autopilot. Pretty cool, I know.

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