Friday, 7 March 2014

5 Things I've Learned this Week: 03.07.14

I spend a LOT of time online. I work in Social Media, which means I spend my days looking at other sites, researching, seeing what other people are doing, etc. I also Tweet, Blog, FB, Pin, Instagram and the like, and while doing this I come across a lot of cool things relevant to my work. I also come across a lot of things relevant to me...orrrrrr that have just blown my mind.

So, every Friday, I'm going to post a 5 things that I've learned throughout the week, that I think might be relevant to you as well! If you'd like to see something featured here (maybe something on YOUR blog or site that you think my readers would like to see) shoot me a tweet or leave me a message on Facebook, I'd love to hear from you!

5 Things I've Learned this Week: 03.07.14

1. PEANUTS ARE NOT NUTS - uhm pardon? I mean, yea, I'm sure on some level I knew that they are actually legumes, but I never pictured that they grew like this:
Thanks Buzzfeed for Blowing my MIND!

2. Clean Eating can actually be delicious! I made these AH-MAZING Naked Turkey Brushetta Burgers for dinner and they were a HUGE hit! Thanks to Skinny Taste for the recipe.
Image Source: Skinny Taste

3. I finally learned why recipes call for unsalted butter (and that I'll probably just use whatever is on sale at the grocery store)
Image Source: The Kitchn

4. Use Aluminum Foil as dryer sheets - economic (can use the same ball for up to 6 months!) & earth friendly!
**UPDATE** I tried this over the weekend and found my clothes to be LESS static-y than without a dryer sheet, but they weren't quite the same. 
5. If you put Tea Bags into your smelly shoes, it will absorb the odors and freshen them up! Hoping this works, my hubby has some pretty raunchy shoes lying around....
**UPDATE** Tried this & it seemed to work! Although, Molly the hound got to the tea bags before too long...
What tips, tricks and facts have you seen that have blown your mind?!

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