Thursday, 20 March 2014

Ooey Gooey Caramel Cheesecake Brownies

This recipe came about in a couple of different ways as I've been stewing for awhile on what I wanted to make next. I was also craving caramel, brownies and cheesecake, so I thought, why not turn those three things into one amazing dessert?

Next was the question...what order do I put them in? Cheesecake, Caramel then Brownie? No...Brownie, Cheesecake then Caramel...maybe....I'VE GOT IT, A layer of Brownie, a layer of Caramel and cover it all up with a layer of cheesecake.

Is your mouth watering yet? I know mine is.

So this recipe comes from THREE others. The BEST BROWNIES EVER recipe (doubled), the Caramel from the Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark recipe and the cheesecake from the Ooey Gooey Butter Bars recipe. Yes, this dessert is over the top, but you know what? Every once in awhile...that's ok!

Now, They are EXTREMELY messy (so messy in fact, I thought I had made a baking fail) but OH so worth it! Ooey, gooey, caramel, cheesecake, brownie goodness.

Ooey Gooey Caramel Cheesecake Brownies
a mix of various recipes on Running to Bake

Brownie Layer:
1 cup butter
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup white sugar
4 eggs
2 tsp vanilla 
2/3 cup cocoa powder, unsweetened
1 cup all purpose flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking powder

Caramel Layer:
1 1/2 cups butter
1 1/2 cups brown sugar

Cheesecake Layer:
2 eggs, beaten
8 oz (1 brick) light cream cheese, room temperature
2 cups powdered sugar

Prehead oven to 330 degrees F. Spray a 8x8 spring form pan (or any other 8x8 pan) with cooking spray.

First, we make the brownie layer - in a large saucepan, melt your cup of butter on medium heat. As soon as it is completely melted remove from burner and add in the 2 cups of sugar, eggs and vanilla and whisk until combined. Finally, add the cocoa powder, flour, salt & baking powder and mix until everything is JUST combined. Pour into your spring form pan, scraping the bowl with a rubber spatula to get everything from the bowl. Set aside. 

Now, we make the caramel layer - in a medium saucepan, melt the sugar and butter down together on medium heat stirring constantly with a rubber spatula. When everything is combined, turn down the heat to low and continue stirring while bringing mixture to a boil. Allow to continue to boil for 3-5 minutes until it looks like a smooth caramel. KEEP MIXING. Never stop mixing, this stuff can burn SO quickly. 

Once it has formed a caramel, pour on top of the brownie mixture and swirl in with a rubber spatula. Try and get the caramel evenly distributed over the top of the brownie mixture. Set aside. 

FINALLY, the cheesecake layer - in a medium bowl, combine the beaten eggs, cream cheese & powdered sugar and beat with a hand mixer on medium speed until everything is evenly combined and there are minimal lumps of cream cheese in the mixture. Pour on top of the brownie/caramel and smooth out so that it covers everything. 

Place in the oven and bake for 45-50 mins or until the center of the cheesecake is soft, yet firm. If it's all jelliod, leave in for another 5 mins. 

When done, set aside for AT LEAST 1 hour, preferably over night. This dessert take some time to set. If you want to try it warm, cut into it after an hour or so, but wait as long as you can.
To serve - dust with a light sprinkling of icing sugar!


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